5 Tips to increase your enjoyment of a group lesson

Some things you can do to make the group class fun for you, your dance partner and even the instructor.

1)      Stick with the program

  1. Even if you are familiar with the move that is being taught, stick with the pace and material in class.  Don’t do your own version of the move or even a different move.
  2. This distracts your partner (because they are trying to learn the current move being described).
  3. This distracts your instructor (because they will assume they are not conveying the move correctly because you are not following the instructions).
  4. This distracts your neighbors.
  5. You can take private classes (taught at your pace) or a more advanced class.  But when you are in this particular class, please follow the instructor.

2)      Don’t try to teach your partner

  1. As a leader, focus on what you need to do to be a better leader.  If your partner is not following as expected, review what you need to do to lead it better.  Don’t try to instruct your partner on what they are ‘supposed to be doing’ in response to your questionable lead.
  2. As a follower, wait for the lead.  Don’t walk through the move without being lead through it.  It doesn’t help your leader to learn the move, if you are executing the move without him.  Just pause and allow your leader to experiment with the move.
  3. Wait until your partner asks for help.  No one likes unsolicited advice or direction.

3)      Ask the instructor the question, not your partner.   

  1. Some people will have the same question as you do.  So, by asking the question out loud, you allow the instructor to not only give you the proper answer but to the rest of the class as well. 
  2. It also tell the instructor what they need to add to their lesson plans next time, so that they better cover it next time.
  3. It also minimizes distracting chit-chat in the middle of instruction.

4)      Greet your new partner, but at the same time keep chit-chat to a minimum. 

  1. Most group classes rotate partners.  As you rotate, introduce yourself to the new partner but keep additional chit-chat to a minimum. 
  2.  It’s natural to have some chit-chat in a group class, especially when you rotate.  But keep in mind that as you are talking, you are not listening to the instructions.
  3. Remember your classmates and ask them to dance when you are on the regular social dance floor.  Group classes are great places to find practice partners for the regular social dance floor.

5)      Have fun.  Your smile is contagious.  It will uplift your partner, your neighbors and your instructor.