What’s the first step in dancing?

I received a question about how to get started dancing, especially if you haven’t tried it before.

I think the best way to get started is to attend some different dance places that offer a free beginners lesson. The dances have an admission price (normally very reasonably). Once you try some different dances, I recommend you take some private or group lessons in your favorite dance.

Easy Coast Swing is a good dance style to start off with. It is a lot of fun, and an easy style to start with. You will be dancing in no time.

Sometimes location is a factor.  I have some students that don’t want to travel to different parts of the city.  So if they just want to stay in Durham, I would recommend learning East Coast Swing or Salsa/Mambo.  There are many places in Durham to go East Coast Swing or Salsa Dancing.  If you don’t want to travel out of Raleigh, then West Coast Swing is very prevalent in that area, as well as some East Coast Swing.  But you will not find much Salsa/Mambo.
Check out my website: www.DanceFourFun.com for all the different places to dance and their dance type in the “Dance Every Night of the Week

If you are in a different state, just do an internet search for East Coast Swing in city.  The best and less intimidating dances are often located at Elks Lodges and such. 

I also recommend you stick with one style of dance until you feel confident in it. Then you can add another style. Some places like Fred Astaire or Arthur Murray dance studios try to teach folks 4 or 5 types of dances in a short time span. If you haven’t done much dancing before, then what happens is that you can not retain the different dances, and can’t really get good in any one of them.

What ever you try, take your time and have a great time with it.

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Have a great time. And let me know how you are doing.

Let me know if this helps.
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Laura Lee Rose

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