Couple Communication Thru Dance

Understanding communication with social dancing.

  Transforming Your Relationship Thru Dance


Every relationship has at least two lives:  the connection they are living and the connection they want to live.

This workshop is designed to help recreate positive relationships no matter where they occur:  office, boardroom, home, street or the dance floor.

Abstract intention:  Successful couples are composed of individuals with various levels of skills, talents and experiences.  In partner social dancing, each individual has their unique style and perspective on the music, flow and interpretation of the dance.  A successful “dance partnership” maintains the separate uniqueness of each individual, while they maintain their connection.  Together they are able to create an exciting new entity. In couple dancing, as in life, we learn to respect and trust the other person’s role in the partner dance.

This class focuses on learning some basics in social dancing with the intention of highlighting relationship and communication tips for “real life”.  Base dance lesson will be Blues Dancing; a slow, rhythmic and improvisational social partner dance.  It is easy to learn quickly, but has much of the “lead and follow” components important to this discussion.

Current schedule for these workshops are currently designer group-requests and private lessons.

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